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Construction worker carrying two by fours on his shoulderContractors Insurance

As a contractor in today’s day and age, every job you take on comes with its own set of risks. Contracting requires specific obligations and legal responsibilities. The vast majority of clients today legally require that a contractor be covered by some level of contractors insurance, before any contract is accepted.

When it comes to purchasing contractors insurance, there are several important factors to consider. With proper contractors insurance, a contractor can be fully protected and insurance, allowing the contractor to work freely with peace of mind.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of LHB Insurance’s strongest specialties. Our experience in real estate insurance is reflected in Programs that respond to the particular, and sometimes differing, exposures in various regions.

We offer a broad scope of coverage with strong markets, and we’ve experienced little historical turnover among our carriers. Coverages can include:

  • Property
  • Commercial General Liability and Umbrella Liability
  • Condo and Co-op Directors and Officers Liability
  • Environmental Insurance (first and third party) including above and below ground storage tanks
  • Lead Liability
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage
  • Back up of Sewer & Drains
  • Flood & Quake